Are you one of the millions who were obsessed with the Netflix show Squid games? It has a cult following that does not seem to be slowing down! If you love the idea of games where a multitude of skills are tested you’ll be excited to hear about the Nation Wide ‘Squiz Gamez’ coming to each capital city.

From 18 October to 26 November 2021 thanks to AMA Event Management, participants will be recruited to play a series of games for a life-changing cash prize. Up to 2,000 contestants in 4 rounds will be recruited on the day to play, with 500 participants in each round. But they are recruited on the day in the arena.

Squiz Gamez Perth | Squid Games Perth

All ticket holders will be sent a game card in February and will need to call the secret number on the card to get the location details. If you are not selected as a contestant you can watch from the VIP lounge or exclusive online streaming portal.

Please note, this is a game of fun!

Want to know more? Register your interest to be recruited here and read the details below.

Good Luck!