4 star review

Talented improvisers Tamara Creasey and Elise Wilson are sensational in their Fringe show, Love Slaps. No two nights are the same for this entirely improvised romantic comedy, but after seeing Creasey and Wilson’s expertise on the stage and their ability to keep each scene flowing, entertaining and relevant to the made-up plotline, it’s not hard to believe that every show would have been a great success.

To kick off the act, Creasey and Wilson get the audience to assist them with creating a scene – by asking people to share a date destination, a romantic gesture and an “ick” / turnoff. The answers provided are then somehow incorporated into the 50-minute improvisation. There is one plot twist that is included each night …someone in the cast will get slapped before the show ends.

Creasey and Wilson are joined by pianist Maddie Moulin, who plays a live soundtrack throughout the show. There’s also a guest actor that takes part in the show, and we were lucky enough to see the brilliant Tegan Mulvany perform alongside Creasey and Wilson for the closing night.

The improv is fast paced, and the performers’ quick wit and adaptability keeps each scene flowing. The cast of three play a variety of different characters and are highly skilled at establishing the new characters and scenes without any visual aids. The actors flex their skills by putting on accents, singing, dancing and more to create some hilarious characters and storylines. They would go from playing a young boy to an elderly lady in a matter of seconds…and the result was absolutely hysterical.

Whenever they felt like things may be starting to lag, the actors would swiftly change scenes by blowing a party horn. Like any good improvisers, they never said “no” to any weird or wild ideas by the other performers, going along with each new plot point and adding to the scene with a natural ease. All of the actors were exceptionally funny, delivering some great one-liners as well as creating opportunities for situational humour in each act.

This show was fresh, fun and ridiculous. Creasey, Wilson and Mulvany are truly gifted improvisers, and we hope to see this show brought back at next year’s Perth Fringe.

Love Slaps: The Ultimate Improvised Comedy Romance

Who: PG

Where: Rehearsal Room 1 at State Theatre Centre of WA

When: 2023 Season has ended