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Livvi’s Place, Brabham

Livvi’s Place is one of several playgrounds in Brabham. While the wildly popular Jungle Park is literally a 2 minute drive down the road, Livvi’s manages to maintain the calmer aura of a local hidden gem.

Livvi’s Place is part of a network of all abilities play spaces nationwide. Created in conjunction with the Touched by Olivia foundation, they aim to connect families through play and promote an inclusive community where everyone is welcome to have fun.

This is clear in the thoughtful way Livvi’s has been constructed. The vast playground, complete with ample greenery, makes it easy for kids to forget they’re in a confined space. The area is set up with a gradient of increasing difficulty, starting from a baby/toddler area on one end and ending with the crown jewel of the park (a giant play structure for older kids) on the other.

The centrepiece of the toddler area is a massive eucalyptus tree, with elevated by a platform that has been built around it. This platform provides youngins with miniature versions of big kid equipment to play with: tiny slides, a low incline scramble net and a nature play area with mulch and little logs right at the base of the tree. The steps to the platform enjoy shade from this massive tree, making it the perfect spot for parents to sit and watch over their kids while they play in the sandy area nearby. There is much to do in this vicinity –a digger, climbing structures, a cubby and a sand table. There is also a lone toddler swing and animal shaped spring riders within view of this spot.

Before heading to the giant play structure on the other end of the playground, there are multiple intermediate play areas. There’s another sandy section with a swing and sand table, a seated flying fox, a merry go round and a sensory area for kids to get hands on with.

The icon of the playground truly is representative of the all-abilities nature of the playground. Increasing in height from one end to the other, this piece of equipment has multiple entries and exits for kids to choose from. Kids can start at the lower end and traverse upwards through two sets of balancing rope beams and two sets of metal rope tunnels before rewarding themselves with a thrilling ride down the spiral slide.

I have been visiting Livvi’s since my son was 18 months old and it’s been a treat watching his progress on the main play structure over the years. When we first visited, he could only manage the short cargo net and little slides. On subsequent visits, he would try the balancing rope beams but I often had to clamber up there to rescue him when he lost his nerve. On our latest trip, he completed the whole course with ease – he only has the largest cargo net left to conquer.

The entire playground is bound by a pavement, creating a circuit for mums with prams to walk their bubbas to sleep. There are benches and picnic tables dotted around the play area but of these, only the 8 tables near the barbecue pits are well shaded. Thankfully, the area seems to be naturally breezy which helps take a bit of the edge off on a hot day. The wooden platform in the toddler area also makes a lovely makeshift picnic area on a hot day.

There are parking spots running parallel to the main entrances of the park but these can be hard to come by on the weekend. Be prepared to drive around to look for a spot if you visit then.

There are no toilets within the fenced area but there is a public toilet in the large grassy oval next to the playground. While easily accessible, depending on which end of the playground you’re at, it can be a bit of a trek for little feet.

So if you’re looking for a slightly quieter but well-equipped playground, Livvi’s Place offers a great option, especially for families with multiple kids with different skill levels.

Key Perth Playgrounds Information:

Park name: Livvi’s Place
Address: Mayfield Drive, Brabham
Age group: All ages
Toilets: Yes but it is outside of the fenced area.
BBQ facilities: Yes
Shade: Partly
Fencing: Yes

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All images: Nadia Haniff