by Claire Curr


The beloved March sisters have made quite the appearance at The Blue Room Theatre.

Melanie Julien-Martial (Co-Producer and Co-Director) and Sally Davies (writer and Co-Director) collaborated to weave a modernised narrative to the beloved Louisa May Alcott novel, Little Women. This stage adaption celebrates diversity, and spotlights a queers prospective into the characters of this well known piece of classic literature.

The Blue Room Theatre is the perfect venue to house this warm and engaging prospective. The intimacy and old-world charm which resonates from the physical theatre space certainly added to the overall ambiance and enjoyment of the production. Allowing audience members to be drawn in and far more immersed in the experience. The perfect backdrop to appreciate the level of detail which has gone into the costuming and the set design of this production. Eilish Campbell (Set and Costume Design) conjured up some beautiful imagery in the costuming and the set pieces. The hoops skirts and antique set design catch your eye and draw you right into the period era to enrich the overall experience.

The casting of the production was strong and the delivery of the narrative from each cast member certainly did not disappoint. Cezera Critti-Schnaars in her portrayal of Jo was a stand out! Whilst the whole cast were stellar in facilitating a differing prospective while still holding true to the charm and historic notes of the original characters. 

The music choices at times did dilute or perhaps take a little of the shine off what was unfolding on stage. But that that may speak more to the purist in me as an audience member. 

On the whole Sally Davis did this justice in weaving  Little Women and reworking Louisa May Alcott’s book to be more representative of a modern society. One which celebrates diversity and showcases a queer prospective on the stage.

Little Women is currently showing at the Blue Room Theatre until Saturday, 27 November 2021. The show runs for 90 minutes and more information can be found here.