Prepare to be captivated in a rapture of the risqué with “An Exploration of the Erotic: Licentious,” a show that’s as exhilarating as it is enlightening!

Mya Tension leads a dazzling troupe that beautifully normalizes the whispers of kink, inviting you into a world bursting with desire, fantasy, and a smattering of love, wrapped in humour and arousal.

From the opening act, “Licentious” not only entertains but educates, empowering the audience with the golden rules of consent, setting the stage for an evening of tantalizing tales. Mya Tension, our spellbinding Mistress of Ceremonies, captivates with her banter-infused wit and ease of conversation, all while donning those iconic red leather boots.

The stage becomes an electrifying canvas of kinks, each act painting vivid strokes of unique passion. Burlesque reaches astronomical heights here, sweeping over Perth Town Hall from front row to the back in a symphony of salacious choreography. But it’s not just burlesque—be enthralled by aerial feats, blindfolded dance, and a shibari performance that transforms under UV light into a living masterpiece.



I’d say this sweltering sensation is easily the hottest show of 2024’s Fringe, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. “Licentious” is an adult-themed tableau of leather, laughter, and skin, an indulgence that’s new every night. Repeat viewings? Mandatory. I’m already booked for another round of this scandalous spectacle, and you should be too.

Don’t let FOMO be your master—seize your seats to “Licentious” now and surrender to a night that promises euphoria with every act!

Tickets are disappearing faster than the performers’ inhibitions! 🔥

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