By Anastasia Antrobus

Some of us may be all about that ‘New Year new me’ statement of exercise, while others are about that New Year feel, further self-growth and branching out to try new things. No matter which of these two statements you are, KX Pilates fits into both nicely and is an emerging exercise you are going to want to try in 2020!

KX Pilates currently has studios’s open across Perth (Cottesloe, East Vic Park, Mount lawley, Subiaco, and Canning Bridge) with hopefully some more opening on the horizon. Offering a fast-paced, revolutionary, high intensity body-toning workout in just 50 minutes (winning), KX Pilates is designed for people who like to work out smarter not longer. Fusing elements of traditional reformer Pilates with endurance training and cardio for a high intensity workout, it is a new exercise routine I am glad I came across.

Personally, I had never done a Pilates class and I walked into my first KX class thinking, ‘this will be alright, I got this.’ I can now confirm… I did not have this!

Harder than it looks, KX Pilates put me through my paces and I was using muscles I clearly hadn’t used in a while but man, did it feel good! I enjoyed it because unlike the gym, where sometimes I count down how much time I have left (two lots of ten minutes to go), I was too into the session to even think about counting down and before I knew it, my 50 minutes was done!  It’s an exercise that you can slot into a lunch break, in the early morning hours before work or even for a feel good sweat sesh after work, allowing you to really feel like you gave your body a good workout. You get sweaty. You get bendy. You use muscles you didn’t know you weren’t using and you work out to tone, to gain flexibility and to become stronger. I am ready to see where my body strength goes with doing KX Pilates and whether maybe, just maybe, my abs will come out with all that core work I am doing 😉 A girl can dream right?!

Each KX studio has a variety of trainers who have a range of fitness qualifications; ranging from degrees in Sport & Recreation to PT Master Trainer levels to Bachelors in Exercise & Sport Science to certificates in Pilates, remedial Massage and even Dance. The trainers are kind and welcoming and are there for you every step of the way in ensuring you are using the right movements and position of your body. They will push you if they believe you can do more but they also understand when you are a beginner and support you fully in getting used to the exercises and machines.

Should you wish to find any more information on KX Pilates, including the pricing options available, you can do so at the below studio links.

Happy 2023 everyone and maybe I will see you in a KX Pilates class soon!

Bring on getting stronger!

KXPilates Website

Feature Image Credit: KX Pilates Subiaco Facebook

Written in 2019 and updated in 2022