If you work, engage in, or even happen to see a poster of the arts in Perth, you will be familiar with the Macri sisters.

Kiara with a K is presented by, yes you guessed it, Kiara Macri. Kiara is known for her singing and dancing prowress and given this was the first time I had seen any of the Macri sisters perform, they did not disappoint. The Kiara with a K show is a regular at Fringe World Perth and I was excited to have an opportunity to finally experience it.

The audience is treated to an evening of song and dance with music from a classic period from the silver screen that highlighted such talent as Marilyn Monroe. There is sexy, there is comedy, there is tease and there is tap. Any fan of the silver screen will be in their element at Kiara with a K.

It is important for me to note here, if you are not familiar with quintessential old school movies some of the songs may be enjoyed, but the magic may not connect.

Each performer in the show; Veruca Sour, Lucy Lovegun, Polly St. Pearl, Nicola Macri and Aleisha Archer, are all exceptionally strong performers in their own right. Special mention to Lucy Lovegun who knows how to create a connection with her audience – I was hooked every time she took the stage. Lucy is the epitome of professional and shone no matter the genre.

Often I feel MC’s can be overlooked, so a space needs to be created for Nicola Macri. Her timing, tone and delivery were all sensational. A very funny woman who not only entertained the audience allowing time for the other performers to prepare for their acts, but was 100% the highlight of the show for me. She took you with her and connected with everything from lions roars to whiskey.

Be prepared to giggle, tap your feet and see booty you won’t forget.

Nicola Macri

WHERE: Main Room at Connections Nightclub

WHEN: 16th, 18th and 19th of January 2021

TIME: 9 pm

TICKETS: Kiara with a K: The Silver Screen | FRINGE WORLD Festival

Image credits from the Fringe World event