Have you ever had a night out, gone to a party, club or a bar with a dance floor? Your song comes on and you just have to shake your booty! The excitement and rush have made time fly, and over an hour has past and you are still dancing. You go home that night happy and tired and wake up the next morning feeling muscles you didn’t know you had?

That is exactly how I felt after going to my first ever Jungle Body club (minus a killer hangover). Walking into the gym I felt a little nervous as I am super uncoordinated and tend to use a lot of unnecessary arms when dancing. But once the music turned on, that all changed, everyone gathered together in front of the stage and with lots of cheers and encouragement we started to dance! What I found so great about my dance cardio class was that there was a wide range of ages that attended and people were happy to come solo or bring their friends. It was amazing seeing so many different people coming together to get fit and have fun doing it, in a judgement-free space!

Within Jungle Body there are 8 different dance cardio programs that you can do, that come with different dancing styles and music.

Each program focuses on a different goal; Konga hits everything, hitting all the different styles of boxing, cardio, sculpting and dance. Vypa is highly intense and hardcore, implementing boxing, MMA, plyometric’s and cardio. Jagua is all about sculpting, toning and strengthening. Tyga is made for those individuals who want to dace sexy to hip hop music. Burn is where weights are included to get optimal muscle growth and toning. Get low is designed as a low impact workout, all about moving your body while improving your mind and wellness. The Get Low is great for people with injuries, though all classes can still be done as they all include alternative movements throughout. Finally, there are two options for kid’s classes, both going for 45minutes; there are Cubz ages 2-6 and Roar for ages 7-12.

If you want to find a class, there are many across Perth to choose from. South of the river there is Bullcreek, Murdoch, Cockburn, Success, Myaree and many more. If you are North of the river there is Leederville, Morley, Malaga, Midland and many more! Simply go to their website to find the closest one to you. If there aren’t any locations near you, or you are stuck inside, check out their online programs and DVDs for an at-home dance party from $15.99 per week!

Overall I had an amazing experience going to my first ever Jungle Body class! If you are looking for a fun way to get your cardio in, grab a friend and join a class!

See their website for more details: https://www.thejunglebody.com/


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