Let me paint you a little picture.
It’s Easter Sunday. I’m sitting on the sofa with a smile on my face and a stomach full of Aperol spritz and mini eggs. The Peter Rabbit movie is on the tele, tomorrow is a public holiday and I have zero plans… life is good.

I spend the majority of the evening smashing through the remainder of my Easter goodies…. Because ‘if it’s all gone today I can’t eat it tomorrow’, right? Right. Except – turns out there’s very little nutritious value in a brownie, a Crunchie chocolate bunny, a cream egg and a second (slightly bigger) bag of mini eggs. So, cue the stomach ache and the headache and the myriad of ways my body can scream to me that it needs a damn vegetable.

Lucky for me, I know my Pure + Nood order is on the horizon.

painted nails hold out pure + nood pink blush sunrise juice cleanse in front of a vase of flowers

The Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse Difference

Pure + Nood are a Perth based company of juicing wizards, bringing us delicious homemade cold pressed juices made from locally sourced, fresh (never frozen) produce. The ‘cold pressed’ bit is important…

Normal juicing machines produce heat in the process of extracting the liquid from the fruit or vegetable. This causes oxidisation of the precious nutrients, minerals and enzymes, killing them and depriving the juice of many nutritional benefits. Cold pressed juicing machines extract the juice by crushing or grating the vegetable, and then applying pressure to squeeze the liquid from the pulp retaining all the goodness.

The team at Pure + Nood offer full day cleanses which are available in 1 or 3 day batches, a half day cleanse, and individual juices… as well as a collection of healthy snacks. Each juice is made to order and delivered to your door (for free if your order is over $99) – you can’t get fresher than that.

woman stands looking and holding a bottle of pure + nood perth juice cleanse bottles at her green planter station

Now, I hear you – juice cleanses have had a bad wrap in the past. So many have claimed a stack of health benefits only to pack their products full of sugar to keep you going throughout the day. Frankly I’d rather have an Easter egg if I’m going to consume that much sugar… amiright?!

BUT. Pure + Nood are different. Every juice is within a range of 1-5g of sugar per 100ml, with no other additives or nasties thrown in.

My Juice Cleanse Experience

Since I’ve never been one for cleanses, (the human body is pretty magical and does a lot of the work for you as long as you’re fuelling it properly), I decided a half day cleanse, which runs from morning until mid afternoon was the go for me, with a light and healthy meal waiting for me at the end of the day.

Rather than expect it to ‘fix’ me, I was just super excited to get the nutrients of some great local produce into me after a long weekend of eating like the kid from Home Alone. You may laugh but this is legitimately how I spent my Easter weekend. With two half day cleanses on the way, I chose to do one on Thursday (following my Wednesday night free delivery) and save the other for Sunday to aid in my recovery from a wedding the night before. I made sure the Thursday was a busy day so I didn’t have time to sit around thinking about a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit.
So, what did I think?

After checking out the ingredients of my juices and the sugar content, I could immediately tell that everything packed into each bottle was there for a reason and had a job to do. This was not going to be a day of sickly sweet drinks and sugar highs. Every bottle was so refreshing, and honestly, I had to really try to finish the last couple as I wasn’t as desperately hungry as I thought I’d be. Halfway through the day I noticed how much better I was feeling. The chocolate and alcohol bloat from my weekend of fun started to reduce and I was already starting to feel less lethargic and more focussed.

All in all, a delicious local product that really helped out with a quick boost of nutrients that I had been sorely lacking. Thanks for pulling me out of my sugar coma guys!

All imagery by myself, Katie Williams