If you’re starting the new year with a fresh focus, now might be the time to help strengthen your immune system and add fresh juice. Or if you’re thinking about the hoard of never-ending chocolate you’ve stashed under your desk (guilty!), it could be the perfect opportunity to detox your gut with a juice cleanse Perth!

A juice cleanse usually ranges from 1-3 days. They can help to provide extra nutrients, anti-inflammatory compounds and healthy enzymes to get you feeling fresh AF for the new year.

Whilst juice cleanses aren’t for everyone, if you’re thinking of giving them a go check out our top 4 local Perth juice cleanses that won’t break the bank.


At the pinnacle of cold-pressed juices are Inner Ego, who focus whole-heartedly on keeping their products locally made, 100% raw AND vegan. Inner Ego offer a range of different options from 1-day to 5-day cleanses, all of which feature 8 different (and super delish sounding) juices. For people after something more substantial, they even offer cleanses which incorporate their own salads and meals.

One of the coolest things about Inner Ego is that they use returnable and bio-degradable packaging, offering points to receive money off your purchases when returning glass jars and re-suable bags. Score!

Inner Ego is Pieta, Director of Perth Happenings’ absolute go to. Having completed two cleanses with Inner Ego (both food and juice), she swears by their delicious flavours and healthy food options – even a little donut could be included for the sweet tooth! When it comes to juice and all things health – Inner Ego is her recommendation.

Check them out here!

Image credits: Inner Ego website


With 4 different juice cleanse levels for absolutely everyone from beginner cleansers to advanced juice-fiends, Refresh Juice offers 8 juices in your cleanse, and will even deliver these straight to your door for FREE for orders over $50.

Check out the delivery zones Refresh deliver to, as not all suburbs are covered. Refresh Juice also sells shots – no, not those shots – kombucha and cold brew.

Image credits: Refresh Juice website


Family owned and operated, The Juicist creates their juice cleanses to order, using top quality produce from WA farmers. Alongside their juice cleanse packs which come with 6 health-packed juices, you can choose from the broths they also have available.

As well as their normal 1-day to 4-day juice cleanses, The Juicist also offers the BIG cleanse, which is designed for a 2-3 day ‘juice feast’ including three 2L flagons made from mostly veggie- based produce.

Image credits: The Juicist website


Pressed Earth are a saviour for those new to the juice cleanse craze, with a heap of information available on their site to help juicers make the most of their cleanse experience.

This includes a downloadable cleanse guide and a long list of top tips. Pressed Earth keeps their cleanses to 1 day, 2 days or 3 days, all of which offer 6 juices in total or a combo of juice and food. With a variety of cleanses to choose from, you can even custom-create your own for the perfect blend!


Image credits: Pressed Earth website

Having tried a juice cleanse myself a few years back, as a beginner (and big lover of food!) I would definitely recommend incorporating small, healthy meals into your cleanse to help you with your hunger, and reminding yourself to drink small, slow sips. However always check in with your doctor first to make sure your choice of cleanse is suitable for you.

Let us know how you go with your cleanses, and make sure to hit us up with what juices you found the tastiest!

Check out more another local Perth business, Hampers by Design here.


Written in 2019 by Cassie Hunter with a Dec 2022 update by Pieta Sharpe