As a society, we have all been through a lot these past few years. With all the pandemic stuff, keyboard warriors and just life stress in general, sometimes you want to just leave your brain at the door and have fun. In fact, I would say I have been craving that level of silliness. Well Fringe introduced me to Mr Josh Glanc, and he filled my fun and silliness cup with his show- It’s great to be here!

From the moment Glanc appears in the crowd, you feel like you know this guy. He’s that really nice person that every group has. The one your Nanna would be happy to see you hanging out with. This approachable persona invited the audience to join in the fun from the get-go, and a word of advice, if Josh offers you a dim-sim, put your hand up and ask for it! (Side note, you don’t have to get involved, boundaries are respected).

There is something for everyone in the show. As I watched the crowd, a pair of gentlemen in their 60’s laughed heartily at some of the skits, then a moment later I watched as two ladies in their 20’s both laughed and mouthed to each other- WTF? and to be honest, WTF is a completely acceptable response because some of the jokes will hit you hard and some will elicit a gentle chuckle, but they are not meant to help you take life seriously. They are written to help you smile.

If you are a fan of fun and silliness, Josh Glanc is your must-see each and every Fringe.




Josh Glanc: It’s great to be here

Who: Suitable for 15+

Where: The Gold Digger at The Pleasure Garden

When: Various dates from 20th Jan to 5th Feb including some matinees

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