Boola Djarat Wardan means many lights across the sea and is a spectacular water, lights and lazer show happening on the water at Hillarys Boat Harbour as part of the Joondalup Festival.

The show has been created by internationally acclaimed light artists, Laservision, with artistic input from Noongar advisory group, South West Kinships Cultural Immersions. It blends digital laser light technology against the haze from sprays of water to create moving imagery in a kaleidoscope of colours that you cannot tear your eyes away from. From a slithering snake, to the playful dolphins and our beloved setting sun, you will be in awe of the giant, colourful images moving across the water. Along with the sounds of nature being played throughout the harbour, Boola Djarat Wardan is a show-stopping experience for the senses!

We loved how the light show celebrates our connection to one another and the land on which we live. It felt so fitting  to be sitting on beach sand with loved ones and so many other families from the community, experiencing the beautiful display of colours and images under a starry sky.

Hillarys Boat harbour

The display is best experienced from the beach but can be seen from any of the restaurants which look onto the water. We recommend bringing swimmers and towels for the kids if it’s a warm evening and a picnic blanket to sit on to watch the light show. Grab a takeaway from one of the many eateries Hillarys Boat Harbour has to offer and settle in for a highly entertaining, sensory experience.

The show runs every half hour from 7.30 pm until 10 pm every evening until the 2nd April. There will be an extra special smoking ceremony and yarning session from 6pm on Saturday 25th March and Sunday 2nd April. Boola Djarat Wardan is free and no bookings are required.

There are a couple other fun pop up events at Hillarys Boat Harbour as part of the Joondalup Festival. The kids will love ‘The Knock ‘em Downs’ at The Oasis. The sad-faced, miserable clowns, Bolster and Lee, will definitely keep the kids entertained.

Joondalup Festival has so many amazing events for the whole family to enjoy and the spectacular laser light show, Boola Djarat Wardan, is definitely one not to be missed!

Running through to April 1st, plan your Joondalup Festival evening here.

Not sure what to expect? Check out the amazing reel of Boola Djarat Wardan on our Instagram here.

By Tamlyn Nichols