“From floral wreaths around third nipples to Nazi clowns juggling piglet heads, award winning UK expat Jon Pinder has seen just about every kind of tattoo in 15 years poking pictures into people. A high energy hour of tattoo tales, everyday observations on Aussie life and freewheeling banter; this show is guaranteed to leave a permanent mark.”

Jon Pinder is a local Perth comedian, UK born and a tattoo artist and he spent years learning how to draw with such skill. Yes, while everyone else was out, uh, being hormonal he was at home learning how to draw depth in his teen years. This skillset has lead him to have some very interesting stories indeed!

With an exceptionally relatable personality and a stage presence that made you feel like Jon was one of your friends up on stage rather than a comedian, it is hard to not love his style and sense of humour. With a very diverse crowd ranging from millennials through to boomers, everyone and everything was open to ‘discussion’ and the audience engaged happily.

Jon made reference to many of the more challenging aspects of life like divorce, tattoo cliches (oh the infinity symbol…) and just those he has met in his life.

Throughout the hour there was at least 75% of the audience laughing at one time as Jon seamlessly found the funny side of life, and even when I didn’t find the joke funny (because it wasn’t my gender/niche etc) I still laughed at just how connected with the audience Jon was.

Watch out for Jon Pinder, he is going to be a powerhouse in the Perth comedy scene very soon!


Duration: 60 min

The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe

Minors can only attend this show at this venue with a parent or legal guardian.

Suitability and warnings: M

Season - Feb 7, 8, 9 2020

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