4.5 star Fringe Show review

When was the last time you stopped and let your imagination lead the way. When you saw a box, a wig or a bin and thought, I’m going to be playful, creative and have silly, child-like fun? For most of us the answer is likely, “I can’t remember.” And this is the exact reason we need shows like MUSH.

Jeromaia Detto is a name that you will undoubtedly see in the future headlining comedy shows, and there is a good reason why. He is hilarious. Everything that is beautiful about childhood- the fun, the abandon of worrying what people think of you, the creative play you can have with simple objects and the unyielding joy- is wrapped up in this 60-minute show. It is the (very clever) inner workings of a natural performer who brings everything to the stage and invites you into his world.

In my five years of reviewing Fringe Shows I have never seen an act create such a comradery within the audience, and the audience interaction and involvement is second to none. As a professional it is obvious that Detto can tell you if you really don’t want to be a part of his orchestra so will easily move past, but, if you can shake off your worries, you’ll be glad you did. The call backs throughout the show and the way, what seems to be a random storyline, is tied in together with a final skit that truly ‘brings the audience together’ is pure genius.

Detto has a contagious natural charisma that will have you wishing you could have this much fun all the time.

Silly, playful, fun and worth the sore cheeks from the big laughs.

Jeromaia Detto: MUSH

Season has ended