4 star review

Jamie Mykaela is a Perth girl who has broken up with her town. It isn’t really us, it is just that Jamie has outgrown what we can offer.

Our first introduction to Mykaela was a red dress wearing, beehived ball of energy and that vibe was there the whole show. The epitome of an Aussie creative, we are drawn into the world of Floozy and we’re happy to be there. Taking us on a journey, Jamie Mykaela shone with her story telling via spoken word and original songs. Jamie’s voice is exceptional, and she shares the operatic voice that her parents so kindly paid tuition for with ease.

The audience are drawn in to the highly relatable stories of learning who you are, friendship changes and that SAD is a real thing- but not really for those of us who live in Australia.

What had potential for a ‘knock it out of the park 5 star show’ was let down by the audience being instructed what they should be doing, given advanced warning that tears are coming and not allowing for the engagement and feelings to come organically. If I was allowed to experience the show without that direction I am sure this would be a 5 star performance.

Direction aside, an amazing show, full of quirky one liners, insights into making it big overseas and the reasons why Perth will always be special to Mykaela.

Jamie Mykaela: FLOOZY

Season has ended.