It’s hard growing up. Do you remember being 13? What challenges were you faced with?

Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA are working in collaboration with The Blue Room Theatre to showcase the revival of the works of the creative genius, Scott McArdie. Playthings takes place in WA with local suburbs and in current times, tapping into modern day affiliation.  

Heartfelt, effective storytelling that draws you in and demands that you care. It’s homework, hormones, and homicide.

From gut-wrenching, tear worthy scenes to comedic tap in, the whirlwind of emotion is drawn out to enrich the audience with the harsh reality of adolescence.

The play follows the characters of two young teenagers Arnold and Lucy (played by Daniel Buckle and Courtney Henri), as they cross into early teen hood and the challenges they encounter through friendship, love, and self-worth. It presents how easy it is to be angry resentful, vulnerable through these years. 

The two 13-year-old’s venture out into bush where the darkness they encounter will change their lives forever. Through a rollercoaster ride of blossoming friendships and relationships to violent and fatal consequences, the story follows how to find healing and understanding amongst confusion and pain.

Image: David Cox, provided by Black Swan State Theatre Company

Scott McArdie, Writer and Director, expresses the importance of de-stigmatising talking about mental illness and advocating for help through better education that what was not offered years ago.

The original production of Playthings was by Second Chance Theatre, showcased at The Blue Room Theatre, Perth. McArdie was given the opportunity to further grow and build greater connection with his audience through the alteration of the script. Changing around 50% of the dialogue in the show, McArdie explained change was needed to develop a more rich and sharp focus on the work that had been done.

“To me, a work of art is never perfect and, if you’re lucky, it’s never finished either – it continues to grow alongside you.” McArdie said.

The award-winning play will be featured at the Studio Underground in Northbridge, however due to Covid-19 restrictions opening night will now be showcased on May 4. The season will still kick start May 1st following through to May 8.

Due to the Government Covid-19 lock down, tickets have been put on hold until further notice. Click here to join the waitlist, to be the first contacted when tickets become available.

Feature Image: David Cox, provided by Black Swan State Theatre Company