It is safe to say that I had my Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman moment last night for “Into the Woods” by the Western Australia Opera. From rags to riches, and beasts to beanstalks, these are the fairy tale stories that shape our happily ever afters and teach many of us our first life lessons. Watch in awe as some of your most beloved fairy tales come alive on His Majesty’s Theatre’s grand stage. 

Into the Woods Perth
Nicole Youl as Jack’s Mother and Matt Hourigan as Jack. Photo by West Beach Studio

Into the Woods is a very enchanting and unique musical collaboration of Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Jack and the Beanstalk. Each character has something in their life that is missing, that they deeply desire.

Through the mesmerizing orchestra melodies, dramatic theatre performances, and dark comedy, be entertained as your favourite characters search for love, happiness, riches, and wisdom all in the comfort… or not so comfortable magical woodlands. They each come to realize that everything they desire comes with its own set of consequences.

Into the Woods Perth Opera
Lachlann Lawton as the Wolf and Sophia Wasley as Little Red Ridinghood. Photo by West Beach Studio

There were many moments during the performance that had the entire audience laughing out loud. From laughing to edge of the seat anticipation of what was to come next, what an amazing journey.

I loved the beautiful woodland themed backdrop that served as the primary setting for the entire show. The lighting and acting served as ways to break up the different scenes happening at the same time on stage. It is no wonder that this spectacular production was originally directed on Broadway.

Wa Opera
Prudence Sanders as Rapunzel and Maria Meredes as the Witch. Photo by West Beach Studio

The show itself is quite long, as it runs for a two hours and fifty minutes. Do not let that scare you off as a 20-minute intermission affords you plenty of time to have another cheeky vino like I did, stretch your legs, and have a bathroom break.

This was my first time at His Majesty’s Theatre, so I also took the intermission time to wander out onto the balcony and watch the city lights illuminate the sky.

Into the Woods, was extremely well done and had me hooked from start to finish.

On now through to April 1st 2023; you do not want to miss this musical masterpiece.

Where: His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth

When: 24th March to April 1st 2023

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