If you love movies and improv comedy, an entertaining night out exists this Fringe Festival season at Fantasia’s Jester Court located in our iconic Perth Town Hall!

From the masterminds of Oscar-Winning Improv and Letters to the Editor, comes a fun-filled evening of “Improvised Movie Mash Up” where two random films – chosen by the audience – will undergo the most messy, bizarre and hilarious film fusion!
On the night we went, the film choices selected by the spectators present where two film classics from the 1980s – Steven Spielberg’s ‘E.T’ and Joe Dante’s ‘Gremlins’.
In a comic turn of events, one of the Gen Z comedians that evening had not watched Gremlins before, and needed a 30 second schooling and refresher course on the comedy/horror film. That was a pretty funny moment in itself to watch.
What followed next was a laugh-out-loud 45 minute improvised session blending E.T and Gremlins into a new screenplay about a lost alien who befriends a little boy and the furry little critters who are deathly allergic to the sun and multiply in water.
Although it took a while for the stand up team to warm up into their roles, by the end of the show, they successfully wrapped the hilarious storyline up and had the audience howling with laughter!
If you’re looking for a fun and funny night out, “Improvised Movie Mash Up” would be a good choice!

This show has concluded for this season, but be sure to keep an eye out for it next year!