A dessert food truck. Yes, they are all around Perth and as a sucker for something sweet after a meal, seeing a dessert-based food truck tugged at my heart strings, or perhaps my sweet tooth.

Whilst all the food trucks are a common feature in the Perth markets scene, there’s something about a dessert food truck that just hits different. 

Here are some of the best dessert food trucks that will exceed all your expectations and have you running back for seconds!

The Sweet Box Cart

Image credit: The Sweet Box Cart on Facebook

One simply cannot discuss dessert-based food trucks in Perth without mentioning The Sweet Box Cart. The team at The Sweet Box serve an array of sinful desserts but what their most known for are their giant macaron gelato sliders. Each one is baked in an array of colours and sprinkles, with gelato ice-cream on the inside and macarons on encasing it. It even scored them 43rd as the world’s most Instagrammable dessert!

They also bake and create chocolate covered dates and strawberries, mini macarons, fruity popsicles and recently their own ice-cream!  You can find out their current locations through their Facebook or Instagram.

Just Crème Brulees

@justcremebruleesofficial on Instagram

The team at Just Crème Brulees take what is usually a fine dining dessert, and turn it into an accessible, sweet, market place snack! Served in foil bowls, Just Crème Brulees scorch their desserts inside the truck itself—ensuring the classic burnt, brittle sugar does not go soft. The insides are full of different flavour combinations such as vanilla bean or salted caramel! If crème brulees aren’t really your thing they also serve Portuguese tarts, both regular and chocolate filled, and cream horns. You can keep up to date with their recent locations through their Instagram.


Little Dutchies

There you have it! A guilty pleasure food truck guide for all of Perth’s sweet tooths—get stuck into it!

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Updated Jan 2023