It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Perth comedian Matt Storer.

His humour is witty, intelligent and often what he doesn’t say is what makes the jokes so clever. Each year I’ve seen him at Fringe Matt brings something different, so when I saw he was back with Hot Nonsense in 2022, I was ready!

Storer has created his own style of comedy – rhyming jokes. He then added a touch of musical accompaniment and bam, Hot Nonsense.

The stage is simply set. A keyboard, a microphone and a board.

As Storer enters the stage you instantly feel part of the event. In fact, you could say the audience is the driving force for the show. Audience members choose from a board of songs ranging from Love through to Badass-ery. Each song a different level of “banger” but not every song on the board will be chosen,  so each night will be unique.

Ever heard a song about the Magpie predator? How about the optimal length of time for a bedroom romp? Or perhaps a song completely based around clicking fingers?

You’ll cringe, you’ll laugh, you’ll have songs stuck in your head all night, and you won’t even be mad about it.

If you’re wanting to find out more about Matt Storer’s comedy head to his YouTube account for a sneak peak.

If you’re looking to escape for a 60 minute break of giggles, did he just say that! toe tapping fun, then the encore performance of Hot Nonsense this week at Fringe is a must.

I was also very glad to hear Rick Ardon feature again in the 2022 show – It wouldn’t be a Storer show without it.

Run, don’t walk to secure your tickets and be prepared to leave with sore cheeks and a smile on your face!

Get your tickets for the final week of Fringe here.