Long Chim and Sydney’s Archie Rose Gin have come together for the second time of Hot Gin Terrace, in which they transform the open-air city central terrace into an intimately cosy event that will thrill you from the inside out.

Why? Their take on hot gin drinks, which most people haven’t had, except the odd mulled wine. Instead, they’ve reimagined classic drinks such as the Singapore Sling and Espresso Martini, transforming them into their sexier, warmer versions. Winter attendees can enjoy those alongside Long Chim’s fiery plates of Thai spice and flavour that pair perfectly together. We love the fish cakes and the minced pork wrap!

Been chatting too long about the latest office gossip and let your drink get cold? No worries, since it can be warmed back up with just a touch from the customized hot poker, heated over bright red coals. We highly recommend it – the process caramelizes the sugars, revitalizes the flavours and it’s an entertaining sight that will have the whole table hooked.

Image: Shot by THOM

When it comes to the drinks, the fan favourite was the Hot Pharmaceutical, with its delicious coffee notes. If you’re feeling tired after a hard day at work, the Corpse Reviver will perk you up the moment you sip! And if you’re someone who loves a show, the oolong paired Proof, that will have your bartender throw a stream of fire from one cup to another, is the most spectacular sight to see.

We love that they have soft pillows, thick woven blankets and a fire going to keep you warm on the coldest of nights. With only a 3-week run here in Perth before they head over to Melbourne and Sydney, Hot Gin Terrace is an unmissable event if you’re a fan of enjoying a drink in a completely new way!

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