Kinetica is a West Australian Circus company that we are proud to call one of our own. Year after year they create memorable and moving Fringe shows that leave you wanting more. Hold Close was no exception.

Hold Close is a very special piece. The audience is treated to a choreography delight – from the moment the first note plays you are hooked.

A ‘battle’ of nature, fire vs. water, there are many elements to Hold Close that are quite literal, but many that speak to love, something that all of human kind can understand and the challenges faced were depicted beautifully. The use of colour, lighting and music was exceptional. The audience is taken to a magical place that felt so very real.

The fire elements were not overtly aggressive which I appreciated, and the cast left me so mesmerised that I noted part way through the show that I had in fact not clapped yet due to not wanting to miss a moment! The performances on the rings and the aerial hammock made many of the audience clap, cheer and gasp- the perfect combination for a circus show.

The location at State Theatre was perfect for this performance, with the entire audience able to see the routines and each cast member.

Special mention to Matthew Pope who created such a strong character in Hold Close. The use of his body as a creative tool was flawless. Taylor Jones was inspiring with contortion and you could not help but watch every moment when she was on the stage as joy flowed from her smile, and you could see she was as excited to be performing as we were to be watching.

Another Kinetica masterpiece. Book your tickets at the link below as we are sure their run will be a sell out.

4 stars

WHERE: Studio Undergound at State Theatre Centre of WA

WHEN: Running through to January 29th

TIME: 7.30pm

TICKETS:  Hold Close | FRINGE WORLD Festival

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