When it comes to exercise everyone has their own unique journey and past experiences. For some people exercise is a positive weekly experience, where they have the opportunity to relax, have fun, smash goals and feel their best. For others, exercise is something they haven’t done in a long time. Due to busy lives full of commitments, fitness can move to the bottom of the to-do list and leave women feeling guilty, stressed, anxious and disappointed.

That is where Say Yes Fitness comes in, with a vision to help women make health a priority. Located in Bayswater, they make it their mission to remove those negative feelings, replacing them instead with a safe community of support and empowerment.

From the moment I spoke with Renee, I knew I was in good hands. I understood that what I would gain from her wasn’t a “Get skinny quick” or “Bounce back post-pregnancy” cardio diet plan. But a safe and encouraging environment, that would help incorporate exercise into my crazy schedule.

Walking up to the building on my first day I was nervous, but once I walked through those doors my anxiety melted away. The group of lovely and loud mums that I joined were so friendly and encouraging. There were kids playing, music pumping and a welcoming instructor to guide me. The exercises that we did were inclusive of all abilities and I never once felt judged for being the one doing the “Easy movements” due to back injuries.

The second class that I attended was a Saturday boxing class. This class was different as it was mixed, but it was so great to see women attending with their partners or friends. The class itself was so much fun, filled with a lot of energy and laughter. Though most of the laughter was because of my partner and I, as we established that neither one of us could count correctly. Overall it was a great time and a perfect way to start off the weekend.

Not only does Say Yes Fitness offer in person training they also have an online training component. When I tried, it was super convenient and a great experience. There were many workouts to choose from, all between 10-30 minutes. The workouts ranged from pilates to yoga, boxing to cardio, and muscle strength to endurance. One of my favourite online classes was the 30minute Fierce class. It was great being able to watch the fierce instructor demonstrate the movement, and complete the workout with me. By the end of it, I could definitely feel that burn! The online sessions were excellent as an added resource, as they provided even more flexibility and freedom to fit exercise into my daily life. It was also amazing being able to pick a workout based on how I was feeling that day, and the time I had available for it.

Overall, I had a fantastic experience with Say Yes Fitness. They have an amazing community of busy women, all at different stages of life, that have a inspirational common goal of making their health a priority. The instructors are so helpful and knowledgeable, and I completely trusted them throughout the whole process.

If you would like to get in touch with them to start your fitness journey you can find them on Instagram @say.yes.fitness or their website https://sayyesfitness.com.au/