Like many of us in Western Australia, we are using this time during COVID travel restrictions to explore our own beautiful state. Its lucky that we live in the second biggest “state” in the world (after some vast place in Russia). 

One popular choice is to spend the holiday budget on a caravan or camper trailer and head off on an adventure. There are a couple of options there: 

  1. One destination: head to one gorgeous place, set up camp and chill, exploring the region. 
  2. Road Trip: follow a trail, staying in different locations along the way.

Either way, they are both great ways to experience WA. 

If caravanning or camping is something new to you, the first decision is caravan or camper trailer or tent. 

We go by the theory that there is no perfect rig, just one that meets the trip criteria best. We have a caravan with an expanding bed (so kind of like a camper trailer bed area), large car camping tent and car camping gear like stoves and beds. We also have a small lightweight hiking tent, mats, sleeping bags and gas burner for cooking. 

One of my biggest tips is to go with someone who knows what they are doing. They can make the experience so much better with their expertise. 

Camping PROS

Caravan: comfortable and an escape from the elements such as heat, wind, rain and flies All the creature comforts of home like toilet and shower, full sized fridges etc.

Camper-trailer: everything is already in the trailer: comfy bed, built in kitchen, lighting

Off road camper trailers, good for towing along 4WD tracks

Tent: cheap options are available and useful if you want to try camping before you spend lots of money. Very portable. Some people like swags too. 

Camping CONS

Caravan: Can be an expensive exercise. Towing uses so more fuel and 100km speed limit. Mainly limited to good sealed or gravel roads.

Camper trailer: Still towing, but lower profile than a caravan, so less wind resistance. Canvas, so can get hot or wet. Canvas can flap around in strong winds, so potentially noisy when trying to sleep. 

Tent: Kitting it out with sleeping equipment, kitchen, chairs etc. Basic living. (which can be a pro too). Swags when it is raining are not pleasant and a bit claustrophobic for some. 

If you want to test a caravan or camper trailer before you buy, hire one for a trip. The experience will give you and idea of whether you like it or not before forking out big bucks.  

Camping Essentials: 

Bedding: from caravan queen size beds to self-inflating mattress with sleeping bag. 

Cooking: Caravan has hotplates, griller, microwave to one pot gas burners and everything in-between. Baby Qs are very popular. 

Table and chairs: there are a huge variety of all different prices

Shade: Whether you take a car awning or a shade tent, plan how to get out of the sun.

Lighting: Caravan parks have power so everything goes. Otherwise, there is 12 volt and battery light options, torches and a very handy head torch. 

Personal effects: keep it simple 

Best Camping Locations

Most of these awesome campsites are near water (ocean or river), which makes for a great camping experience

  • Cape Le Grand National Park campsite 

Has the whitest sand in Australia, yes they tested it. You can drive your 4WD along the beach from Esperance to Cape Le Grand National Park to the campsites. Lucky Bay, where the kangaroos lounge on the beach is one of the best. 


  • Shelter Bay Eden Land National Park (Shark Bay)

The water here is warm and inviting. Close to the western most point of mainland Australia and views to Dirk Hartog Island. 

  • Warren River National Park

Warren River winds its way through the magnificent Karri forest. 

  • Middleton Beach Caravan Park 

Middleton Beach is one of the best beaches in the Albany region. The park is right on the beach, protected from the wind by a sand dune. Great facilities. It is also close to Three Anchors family restaurant. And did I say ensuite bathrooms for caravan sites!

  • Yallingup Beach Caravan Park 

Just a short stroll from your camp to the beautiful Yallingup Lagoon and some of the best surf in WA.

  • Coalmine Beach Holiday Park 

Coalmine Beach is situated right on the banks of Nornalup Inlet. As well as caravan and campsites, they have glamping tents which are quite special. 

  • Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park

Located near Kununurra on the edge of the second largest body of freshwater in Australia, Lake Argyle holds 18 times the water of Sydney Harbour. A smaller area of water is the fabulous infinity pool at the resort that overlooks Lake Argyle. 

  • Dwellingup Chalets and Caravan Park

This is where we recommend new campers go to test their new gear. It is like camping in the forest with all the conveniences set amongst the Jarrah trees. 

Be sure to take this all into account when deciding the ins and outs of your next trip and tag us @YourWATourGuide so we can see how you go!