Written and reviewed by Carmen Allan-Petale

Hans’ “Disco Spektakulär” strides into Perth like a bedazzled unicorn at a pony show. A full-blown glitter bomb of joy, the show is orchestrated by none other than drag queen superstar Hans – and a performance like this is, I suppose, what you expect when you head to Fringe. Although I feel like Hans takes flamboyance to the next level – watch out drag queens of Perth, you’ve got some stiff competition in Hans.

The evening kicks off with a dramatic entrance, as Hans shares a heart-stopping tale of his plunge from the heights of a cruise ship stage, leaving him with a back broken in five places and a smashed foot. Seeing him dancing across the stage, you wouldn’t guess that this major traumatic accident was just over a year ago, as he seems to have made a full recovery.

Accompanied by the shimmering whirlwind of his two singing and dancing sidekick ladies, The Lucky Bitches, and a live band, Hans’ opening numbers are a sparkly promise of the madness to come. At first I thought I was in for a long night, as his performance reminded me of a high-octane karaoke session, but the show quickly improved when Hans revealed his wicked sense of humour with his stand-up routine.

Surprisingly, Hans has cultivated a devoted following among the retiree set – a testament, perhaps, to the numerous cruises he seems to have performed as an entertainer on. Although I’d never heard of him before going to his show, Hans seems somewhat a B-list celebrity, having boasted stints on America’s Got Talent and appearances alongside household names like the Wiggles and Shannon Noll.

A highlight of Hans’ performance was when he pulled two unsuspecting, burly male spectators on stage, forcing them to change into dazzling (and very tight) sequined costumes for a dance-off that will surely be laughed about at family gatherings for years to come.

The one-hour show closed with a dance party, with Hans singing his heart out to a grey-haired crowd of Perth partygoers, the warehouse transforming into a scene from a 70s nightclub.

While “Disco Spektakulär” wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea, I had fun grooving along to the tunes with my girlfriend, and left the venue with a smile. I mean, it’s hard not to crack a grin when Hans is strutting his stuff in a flamboyant and fabulous way.

If stand-up, drag, and cabaret are your thing, then you’ll love Hans’ extravaganza. It’s out there, it’s fun, and it’ll put you in the mood to head to the karaoke bar across the road with a sequined skirt on. But as Hans himself might say, “Darling, isn’t that the point?

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