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Two words to describe the show: Halal Shoey!

After winning last years’ Best Comedy Award for his sold-out 2019 Fringe show, Umar Azad is back to present the hilarious: Halal? Is it meat you’re looking for? for its second season at Yagan Square.

Held in the Casa Mondo tent, the show has an intimate feel from start to finish. Starting with an Indian dancing spectacular (trust me, these guys are amazing!), Halal? Is it meat you’re looking for? is an hour of non-stop laughs and compelling storytelling. A self-confessed ‘bogan Muslim’, Umar has a way with his words, giving an honest insight into his multicultural life and internal struggles between wanting to please his Muslim family but also wanting to fit in with his bogan friends. And after attending one of Perth’s most bogan schools – he sure has some stories to tell!

The relatable jokes hit the right note every time on opening night, with just the right amount of race-based gags that you will have you in fits of laughter. After the hour is up, you feel as though Umar is one of your own mates, and is someone you hope to bump into later at the bar (having a coke, of course). And after bagging an amazing TV deal which will see Umar create a series entitled the ‘Bogan Muslim’, tickets to Halal? Is it meat you’re looking for? are guaranteed to sell out – fast!

Duration: 60 min

Casa Mondo, Yagan Square

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Recommended) 

Season runs until 16th Feb 2020

Get tickets here