Three and a half star review

The 5th annual Galentine’s Day Gala, presented by the Laugh Resort, was a night filled with great fun and plenty of laughter. A good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your gal pals or by yourself, this comedy show included some fantastic stand-up acts from a diverse pool of local and international female comedians.

The show was hosted by Bec Charlwood, Australian comedian and MC. Charlwood brought a high-energy to the stage between each act, keeping the audience entertained with some (very) personal anecdotes and her crowd work. Her self-aware sense of humour and transparent, nothing-is-off-limits storytelling made for a good laugh.

The first act was award-winning comedian and homegrown talent Brodi Snook, who amused the crowd with her niche Australian jokes and deadpan delivery. Snook’s specific sense of humour and sharp wit was very entertaining, and you could understand why she’s seen success across international stages.

Next was Robyn Perkins, a multi-award-winning American comedian. Perkins shared some anecdotes about moving to London, visiting Australia as an American, her parents, and discovering her bisexuality in her 30s. Her act was both entertaining and feel-good, as she weaved in personal stories about her relationship with her girlfriend and shared a bit about her love of science.

Best Newcomer in the 2023 NW England Comedy Awards, Jenny Hart’s stand-up act was outrageously entertaining. She shared some humorous personal experiences about being a transgender woman, made us laugh with her chaotic stage presence and even incorporated a hilarious musical performance into her show.

Maria Herman was up next, an Australian comedian and journalist who has since moved to America. Her journalist background contributes to her compelling storytelling ability and Herman shared some amusing and personal tales about her family life.

He Huang’s (R-rated) act was equal parts shocking and entertaining. Her uproarious humour was centred around being a Chinese immigrant, her upbringing and the cultural differences she experienced after moving to Australia – from language barriers to the intimate details of her dating life.

The final act (and my personal favourite) was Chris Ryan. A journalist and comedian, Ryan had us in stitches with her dry tone and sharp sense of humour. She had an effortless and captivating stage presence, and her recounts of being labelled an “aggressive woman” and the ways in which this impacted her life was both funny and relatable.

The Laugh Resort always makes for a great night out, and the Galentine’s Day Gala show was no exception.

Galentine’s Day Gala

Who: Rated M

Where: The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe

When: Season is now finished