Actor and clown Britt Plummer brought her one-woman show Fools Paradise to Fringe World. We met her at the front door when she asked us to take handfuls of banana confetti – that’s correct – bananas, I mean she is a clown after all, what else could we expect? Her face brightly smiling and welcoming us in to hear her deeply intimate and emotional love story.

The theatre is small, intimate and dimly lit with pink lights and an 80’s love song booms over the speakers as we take our seats. The stage is simple, set with only a small table and microphone. We soon learn we are attending Britt’s wedding to the love of her life – fellow clown and long-distance love Otto. But where is Otto? Well that’s a good question…

The elements of clowning were used as a vehicle for the audience to awaken our imaginations, and it succeeded. Britt engaged with us all from the very beginning, capturing our attention with the use of physical comedy, music and playfulness with inanimate objects, delighting us all and immersing us into the deeply intimate and emotional journey of this love story. We hung on her every word, laughed and cheered for her, felt her insatiable excitement and then devastating heartbreak.

4 Out of 5 STARS

The show has finished for this Fringe season but be sure to check it out if Britt returns next year.