4 star review

Aire Flamenco has dispelled my preconceptions of what Flamenco is.

Even when frenetic, there is finesse to the stamping, akin to the quick shuffle of a tap dancer. In fact, it is grace under fire as despite the furious footwork you might see and hear, there is restraint in movement, most noticeably in the wrists and fingers which always remain gentle and languid.

And that’s not all I learnt about flamenco, while watching Flamenco Sol.

Aire Flamenco is a melting pot ensemble of performers who boast a combined wealth of international experience.

Sunday’s performance featured Marcus Perrozzi (percussion), Justin Kutylowski (guitar and vocals), Raquel Avellan (dance and vocals), Valeria Gonzalez (dance) and Maree Laffan (dance). Through Flamenco Sol, this talented troupe invites the audience for a brief tour of the world of Flamenco.

In Flamenco, almost every prop has a purpose, nothing is just ornamental. From the taps of the baston (cane) and the sliding flick of the hand fan to the flowy bata de cola (skirt) to accentuate the twirls of the dancers. Even the humble clap and slap of what looked like an ordinary wooden box stool played their parts in providing a rich musical experience.

I was drawn in by the farruca, with its assertive and sharp stamps contrasting with the soulful, emotive voice of the male vocalist. I also enjoyed the fan dance, which was truly mesmerising to watch as each opening and closing swish of the fan partnered perfectly with the beats of the percussionist.

For an introduction to the world of Flamenco, Flamenco Sol is a must watch. I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for future gigs by Aire Flamenco.



WHERE: Studio Underground at State Theatre Centre of WA

WHEN: Until 23rd of January

Flamenco Sol Fringe World
image: Flamenco Sol / Fringe World Festival