By Lauren Halford

A sensory and thought-provoking adventure that keeps you waiting for the next twist.

Entering the classic Darkfield shipping container, you are ushered onto a trolley, place your headphone on, and are plunged into pitch black darkness ready for instructions. By far my favourite of Darkfield’s productions, EULOGY uses the classic binaural audio, combined with hydraulics- but this time they add the feature of voice recognition for some extra personalisation in the narrative. Walking in with no expectations is the best way to view this show- knowing too much would take away from the intrigue and mystery.

As a guest at a mysterious hotel, you are whisked away by your chaperone and the journey begins. No cheap jump scares in sight, EULOGY weaves a psychological narrative that takes you into the depths of the hotel, with numerous voices guiding you on your way. But as you descend, the line between dreams and reality blur, and it becomes clear that everything is not as it seems. The narrative is strong and full of twists and turns, with a definitive climax that leaves your heart pumping.

Unlike the other Darkfield productions- FLIGHT, COMA, and SÉANCE, EULOGY kept me thinking about all possible meanings, subtleties, and references for hours afterwards, deconstructing the narrative in my mind to see if there was anything I could have missed.

I highly recommend this show for any Darkfield first timers- the psychological thrills are strong and immersive. This show will stick in your mind long after the lights come back on and you will be left thinking- what really happened here?


On at The Pleasure Gardens until the 13th February 2022.

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