Entangled in Wonderland: A Shibari Immersion Review - Fringe World Perth 2024

We recently got to bear witness to the beauty that is ‘Entangled in Wonderland: A Shibari Immersion’ and it wasn’t just a performance; it was an odyssey into a realm of boundless creativity and dark fantasy. Presented by the talented duo Cinnamon & Gigi, the show reshaped the classic Wonderland saga with a thrilling, intimate exploration of Japanese rope bondage.

As we ventured through this reimagined rabbit hole, we were greeted by scenes of exquisite tension and tender connections, all framed by the meticulous artistry of Shibari. The performers’ astounding skill in their craft transformed the room into a landscape where traditional boundaries were undone, stitch by breath taking stitch.

This wasn’t your ordinary storytelling; it was a multisensory encounter with power, pain, and release that enthralled and captivated. Cinnamon & Gigi’s interpretation brought an intensity that echoed throughout the venue, their fearless performances evoking a raw beauty that held us in rapt attention.

The daring gravity-defying rope work left us gasping, imploring for the next twist and turn in their gritty rendition of this classic fantasy tale. The dedication of these artists was evident, their dynamic presentation a testament to the rigorous discipline of their art form.

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