Van Gogh Alive – don’t wait for Europe to open to live and enjoy Vincent van Gogh’s larger-than-life work up close.

From May 27th, Perth will be hosting Van Gogh Alive!, an limited immersive event that is truly unmissable. Inspiring over 8 million people worldwide in 75 international cities, all of us in Perth can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this master painter’s world in this world-class exhibit. Imagine – instead of walking through a quiet, static gallery, where you’re forced to squint at framed work, instead you’ll wander and explore a wonderland of light, colour, wowed by the amazing detail of over 3000 digitalised images of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork.

Set right in the centre of Perth City at the Supreme Court Gardens, this spectacular multi-sensory experience will be held by Grande Experiences within the Grand Pavilion. With multiple digitalized sections to marvel over, you’ll first learn more about Van Gogh’s life in Interpretive Area and understand why Van Gogh’s artworks can now sell for hundred of millions of dollars at auctions and private sales around the world. The Dutch Post-Impressionist painter was incredibly prolific with over 900 paintings alone, let alone his sketch work and drawing of over 1000 pieces are known.

The true gem of the Van Gogh Alive! Exhibition is the SENSORY4™ Gallery – where paintings and drawings come to life. With 40 high-definition projectors with cinema-quality surround sound that fully show the vivid colours and artistic detail of late 1800’s France and Vincent’s life, you’ll be invited to learn, touch, smell and see up close and in person some of his greatest pieces. With floor to ceiling digital canvases bringing to life every brushstroke and detail, everywhere you go will be a delight. Designed by Australian designer Anna Cordingley, the exhibit specifically holds two immersive areas: The stunning mirrored Sunflower Infinity Room (perfect for a selfie in a sea of hundreds of golden sunflowers!) and a walk-through immersive that recreates arguably Van Gogh’s most famous painting, The Starry Night.

Don’t be surprised if you turn around and visit different sections again to fully interact with Van Gogh’s artistry. Or, if you wish to find stillness in the moving beauty around you, you can sit to see the shifting digital canvases or visit the recreated bedroom of Vincent. Whether or not you’re coming with children, as a couple or the curious solo attendee, you will definitely find something to stop you in your tracks. You’ll be surprised, the exhibition has hidden nooks and crannies with delights waiting for you to find.

And afterwards? If you’re not quite done with leaving Vincent’s bright world – go visit the Grand Pavilion Café for a glass of French Taittinger wine. The café is a spectacular recreation of Van Gogh’s famous Café Terrace at Night and is the perfect way to end a truly memorable time.

With pre-sales open, and limited booking available, this is your only chance to see Vincent van Gogh’s immense collection of work all in one place.

An unmissable opportunity – you’ll find everyone will be talking about this one for a long time.

Doors open to the public on 27 May, 2022.

Tickets available online