There’s a buzz in the air in anticipation. The crowd murmurs softly. The show is about to start.

The lights dim, and a video begins playing on the screen illuminating the stage. The stage lights begin to flicker and the audience quickly hush. Comedian Colin Ebsworth walks down the middle aisle of the room. The show has begun.

On Thursday night self-proclaimed, human-ventriloquist Colin Ebsworth, along with co-host Sam Cribb, transformed the Rechabite into a late night-talk show resembling something of Jimmy Kimmel’s, but with Aussie humour and more explicit language of course. The show moved like a typical talk show: there was commentary from the two hosts, several planned segments and a few special guests welcomed on the symbolic talk show couch.

Ebsworth Tonight provided the audience with its hot take on news and current events, by framing them in a startlingly honest and outrageous way. Featured guests include Raw Comedy State Winner comedian Emo, Melbourne Comedy Festival Award Winner comedian Laura Davis and famous (and slightly weird) Australian puppet comedian Randy Feltface. And although all of them shone in their comedic acts, it was Emo whose act combined humour with the subject of Australia’s subtle racism towards refugees, that made for a nuanced, comical and quick-witted conversation with Ebsworth.

Musical guests such as comedic songster, Matt Storer and soul icon, Queency put on incredible performances in their own right. Queency especially captured the crowd with his acoustic rendition of his songs When Daddy Left and Too Late. And it wouldn’t have been a comedy in show in Perth if no one made fun of the Eastern states. Whilst there were little jabs here and there throughout the night, it was Storer who performed his own song from the point of view of Gladys Berejiklian. Whilst the Perth audience were slapping their thighs and guffawing with laughter, it’s probably a good thing for Storer that state borders are still closed. Unplanned, Ebsworth also brought up friend and fellow comedian Alissia Marsh, of ‘King of the Lesbians’ fame, for a special appearance. And the crowd was left in awe and wiping away a small tear when Marsh asked the woman she’s dating to officially be her girlfriend!

Despite being a comedy show, Ebsworth was not afraid to shy away from discussing pertinent issues that continue to impact our society and give us his hot take (the name of an actual segment). A big theme of the show was protest, and how the history of protest has led us where we are today. Tying in how Olympic athletes were barred from staging protests in Tokyo, Ebsworth argued for how protests have been and will continue to be a constant. His careful articulation combined with his mirthful humour, captured the audiences’ attention when he discussed these issues.

With Perth comedy beginning to boom in recent years, Ebsworth Tonight is a pivotal addition to the city. Fans of comedy and Americanised TV will love this Aussie take on talk shows. If you’re a consumer of culture, TV and just generally need an excuse to laugh after a rough year, Ebsworth Tonight will keep you informed and enthralled the whole time and have you looking up when their next show is.  

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