Hilarious, salacious and wildly inappropriate – Drag Queen Comedy Hour was everything I had hoped for, with plenty of absurd surprises hidden within.

Witty and raunchy, the host Dean Misdale commanded the audience like no other. With shocking stories from Tinder dates, a dramatic reading of a children’s book and an excessive number of costume changes, the Perthonality ensured that we were well entertained and surprised throughout. Most impressive were Dean’s outstanding vocal abilities and mastery in reading the crowd’s mood, ensuring that we were reinvigorated whenever the laughs started to diminish.

Dean Misdale

Joined by the extraordinary Donna Kebab, genius Ginava and fiercely talented drag king Blake Cassette, this well-rounded cast blessed us with hilarious lip syncs, saucy story times and brilliant dance numbers. Perhaps the highlight for me was a bizarra strip tease with the most wonderful wig reveal I have ever seen – but I won’t giveaway any more than that.

Drag Queen Comedy Hour had me laughing as soon as the lights dimmed, right through to the final bow. When your cheeks are painfully sore from laughing ten minutes in, you know this show has achieved its goal of comedy. Not only was the crowd bursting with laughter, but we were also highly engaged with plenty of claps, cheers and jokes that the queens geniously worked into their routine. 

Ginava, Dean Misdale, Donna Kebab and Blake Cassette

It’s worth noting that if you are a drag veteran, this show isn’t going to be anything groundbreaking. It probably won’t change your life and it certainly didn’t tackle any serious issues. But, that’s no reason to turn your nose up. Intended to bring joy and have people laughing from beginning to end, Drag Queen Comedy Hour served up exactly what it promised. 

For anyone interested in dipping their toes into the world of drag, I highly recommend starting with this epic Fringe show. But, whether you are watching drag for the first time, or are in need of a reinvigorating session of laughter, Drag Queen Comedy Hour will deliver precisely what you need. Catch this show at The Megamouth at The Woodside Pleasure Garden on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night through to January 30.

If like me, you could never get enough of these brilliant queens, you will find Dean Misdale in Life’s A Drag and DIVAS – The Drag Revue: Fierce & Fabulous; Donna Kebab in Camp 3; and Ginava in Ginava’s Messy Friends.