5 star review fringe 2023

There is no mistaking it. Seconds into the first number of the night and you KNOW that this show is going to be far from PG and certainly not for the faint of heart. The bawdy rendition of “Be Our Guest” was the perfect start to a very modern, very adult version of your favourite Disney classics… and ample warning for what lies ahead.

Prepare yourself because Ariel is no longer the wide eyed, innocent little mermaid (although she still collects some very interesting dinglehoppers). Snow White’s dwarfs have been transformed from kindly older men to imps of questionable values. And Pocahontas is painting with the colours of… I’ll let you find that out for yourself.

Like all the classic Disney movies, Dizney in Drag is a musical production, interspersing the tale of our lovelorn protagonist with reworked Disney ditties. I found myself wanting to sing along but then bursting with laughter hearing the new lyrics covering sexuality, gender and online dating. I was genuinely disappointed that a soundtrack wasn’t available for purchase at the merch stand afterwards.

The star of the show is the Hairy Godmother. Part ocker, part queen, totally hilarious. The Hairy Godmother was a scene stealer with the tricks up his “sleeve” and plentiful puns. He was also effortless at pivoting the situation when things didn’t quite go to plan; one of the hazards of hosting a live, interactive show! Yes, there is audience participation so sit in the first few rows at your own risk.

After nearly 90 minutes of side-splitting hilarity, we were ambushed with an unexpected life lesson. [MINOR SPOILER AHEAD] This isn’t just a parody show – it is a celebration of diversity. It is a reminder that no matter what floats your boat or what you identify as, you deserve love, not just from others but from yourself.

Dizney in Drag does a stellar job of paying tribute to the House of Mouse while unapologetically, grandly celebrating what’s normally marginalised, stigmatised and taboo. While my eyes will never be able to watch my favourite Disney classics in quite the same light again, I must confess that in the three hours since the show ended… I have bought two tickets to watch Dizney in Drag again.

Don’t miss this 5 star performance!

Dizney in Drag: Once Upon a Parody

Who: 18+

Where: Main Hall at Perth Town Hall

When: 2nd to 18th Feb- with varying dates available.

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