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Dinosaur Park, Madeley

Dinosaur Park Kingsway

Hidden within the Kingsway sporting complex is a unique play space that will get your little one’s imagination going! Dinosaur Park, Madeley.

I was initially drawn to this park because of its name. My son is dinosaur mad and would just LOVE a park full of dinosaurs!

And while there is one very fierce looking dino, he is a-lone-a-sarus; there are no dino buddies for this guy.

Though we may have come for the prehistoric pal, we stayed for the incredible nature playground that’s all around him. Grab your safari hat and binoculars, and get ready to explore! Have a race to see who can track down the dino first. He’s left some of his big footprints behind as clues!

This playground has all the good stuff, including a slide, stepping logs, a bird’s nest swing, so many trees, and lots of shade!

It’s also got a few awesome things that aren’t typically found at your everyday park. Firstly, the sand area had a natural plant and bush border that acts as a fence, hidden dino bones (where all his friends went!?), and a water tap in the sand pit, every kids dream!

You’ll see Braille signage throughout the park as well as different types of sensory equipment to foster the play and imagination of children of all abilities! The tactile wooden pole was my favourite while my boys loved creating music on the different instruments.

Dinosaur Park Kingsway

This playground is quite spread out and sectioned off in areas by trees and plants, so keep that in mind if you have several little ones who like to run off in all different directions.

Right next to the dinosaur playground is a fenced off water area, the perfect spot to let the kids cool down after all that nature exploring! Dinosaur Park has it all.

There’s a standard playground right on the other side of the water area with a flying fox, monkey bars, and all the other popular goodies.

Dinosaur Park Perth

There are public toilets, plenty of tables, and free BBQs available. Make sure you pack a lunch and heaps of snacks so that you’re ready to spend the whole day exploring this place!

Key Perth Playgrounds Information:

Park name: Kingsway Dinosaur Park

Address: Spectator Drive & Sporting Drive,Madeley

Age group: 12 months +

Toilets: Yes

BBQ facilities: Yes

Shade: Yes


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