A fully immersive dining experience is coming your way

Imagine stepping into a dark restaurant where you are met with a blindfold, led to your table and served a mystery meal.

Dining in the dark forces the diner to be pushed out of their comfort zone and embrace the heightened senses that come with the absence of distractions.  This unusual dining experience is one which should be taken advantage of!

Enter Pitch Black: Dining in the Dark. After all its original dates sold out, the event is extending its stay at The George in Perth into April with 6 more sessions now available. 

Dining in the dark has taken the world by storm. The first restaurant offering this unique experience was in Zurich in 1999, with dozens following suit over the next two decades. Now, it’s finally made its way to our little corner of the world.

Get in quick, you don’t want to miss this one. 

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Foodies, you’ll love this

The diner’s complete focus during this unique dining experience is on the taste, smell, mouth feel and sounds amidst the dark. Pitch Black also encourages the art of conversation during the experience, as mobile phones will be suspended during the dinner to ensure the experience is not disrupted by distractions.

Pitch Black: Dining in the Dark caters to vegetarians and vegans, as well as those with Coeliac disease, food allergies, or religious reasons- all are included.

Lasting 90 minutes, diners have plenty of time to get settled into their new surroundings before enjoying a delectable two course meal. Tickets are $90 per person; including your meal and first drink. 

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Pitch Black will hold 6 sessions over first four Thursdays of April.

The original sittings sold out so if you’re keen – bite the bullet!

Buy tickets to Pitch Black here!