You know that feeling when something is so sad it’s funny, and when you laugh, you feel like a butthead, but at the same time, you just can’t stop?

That pretty much sums up how I felt when I took my sister out for a night of Fringe with Dilruk Jayasinha in The Comedy Tent at Leapfrogs Wanneroo.

Post girlfriend and post heart attack, I was hopeful Dilruk’s 2024 Preloved tour would be just the right kind of medicine to put some crappy things into perspective and forget the worries of the week. Cold beers in hand, my sister and I soaked up the buzz that is Fringe, settling into our deckchairs amongst the fairy lights and enjoying the perfect setting for a night of laughter and connection.

It was the first time I’d seen Dilruk, and his show exceeded expectations. Centering around themes of self-love and renewal, he offered us a glimpse into his journey of healing, using absurd yet relatable stories.

Delivered seamlessly, he shared his hilarious adventures from the zen shores of Bali to the icy depths of a cold bath; from the awkwardness of a nudist beach (thanks to one man’s refusal to shed his clothes!) to the treacherous realm of online dating; and more! Although my sister didn’t get every joke, the condom over the head trick set her off for the rest of the night. In fact, I challenge anyone not to laugh at that old chestnut.

There were moments of introspection. Often, I found myself chuckling along while simultaneously reflecting on the unfairness of it all. Self-deprecating in his humour, Dilruk also made me feel at times like standing up and shouting out that it was all going to be alright, that he would find love again, that he was doing brilliantly.

Cheers to Dilruk for sharing his stories and proving laughter truly is the best medicine. We left feeling lighter, knowing that even amidst life’s chaos, there’s always room for comedy.