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As a young female living in Perth, I often find myself stuck on the other side of town after work, after an event or after a night out with the girls, frantically checking my rideshare apps for a way home that isn’t going to break the bank (but is still safe enough to jump in alone!). Does this sound familiar? This is where DiDi Perth comes in! Launching in Perth today, DiDi is the hottest new rideshare app on the block – with a huge focus on safety, reliability and value for money (hell yeah!).

Currently successful in Melbourne, Geelong, Brissy, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Newcastle, Perth is finally getting their turn to try DiDi. One of the biggest attractions is their competitive pricing, which makes DiDi Perth rides an average of 10% cheaper than other rideshares in the market. With this in mind, they also give their drivers industry-leading service fees, making for a fair ride for both the rider AND driver!

For me, DiDi’s game-changing element is their ethos of ‘Do More, Pay Less’, emphasised by their DiDiDAYS initiative, which provides one free ride up to $20 on the following Saturdays in November:

DiDiDay 1 – Saturday November 9

DiDiDay 2 – Saturday November 16

DiDiDay 3 – Saturday November 23

DiDiDay 4 – Saturday November 30

With DiDi covering the entire Perth urban area from Mandurah to Two Rocks, they are the new go-to app in P-town! They’re also doing some super-cool promotion to get riders onto the app and experiencing all that DiDi Perth has to offer. Sign up during the first two weeks of launching, and you’ll receive 50% off your first 10 rides (up to the value of $15), where if you sign up in the two weeks following, you’ll receive 50% off your first 5 rides (up to $15).

DiDi recently held a driver info session at Curtin University with over 400 drivers attending and they have set up a dedicated DiDi Driver Hub in Osborne Park to welcome and prepare drivers to be the very best. Amazing drivers make all the difference in your ride experience, so it’s great to see that DiDi are taking this seriously!

Personally, I’ve already started planning my nights out with a couple extra cocktails thrown in the mix with all the savings I’ll be making on my way home with DiDi! Make sure you download the DiDi app now to get the best rewards and promotions, and give them a try next time you’re in need of a low fare rideshare!

Find more information here.

Written in partnership for Didi