4.5 star Fringe Show review

When discussing family, heartbreak and tragedy, it takes an experienced and talented performer to still weave in laughs, and this is exactly what Damian Callinan did. Double Feature is a show quite unlike any other.

The show starts slowly with funny anecdotes and crowd work by this talented comedian, however we are soon introduced to his Mum, Kathleen. Kathleen shares her story with us via her diaries, describing life as a God loving, social young lady, who had many a gentleman suitor in the peak of World War II. There is something so incredibly special about this show. The production is based upon the Double Feature movies Kathleen watched on nights out, and we are introduced to her, and Callinan’s family via photos, artwork and how they played their part in the creation of the show.

We follow the race as contenders appear to win over Kathleen’s heart, with the odds changing with each diary entry. When the final winner joins the race, her is an outright favourite that you can’t help but fall for yourself.

There are many references that perhaps our younger audiences may not have experience with, but when you have crowd work like this, you truly don’t mind if you miss something, you still feel like you’re in on the joke.

There is such joy and love in the delivery of Double Feature. There is also sadness and tragedy, which we, as the audience, are given time to process and acknowledge in a skillful way.

This heartfelt story is one that will move you and you won’t want to miss it.

Thank you, Damian, for allowing us into that love story.

Damian Callinan – Double Feature

Who: Rated M

Where: Rehearsal Room 1 at State Theatre Centre of WA

When: Show runs through to 5th February 2023

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Damian Callinan