Three and a half star review

A show where no two nights are the same, anything could happen, and no one can predict how it will end… As its name suggests, Cupid: The Improvised Dating Show is an improvised theatre production that puts the audience in control of its script. While elements of the show remain the same – eight contestants are placed on “Cupid Island” in a quest to find love (think: Love Island, Bachelor in Paradise, etc.) – the character’s personalities, contestant date scenes and overall “winners” of the show are determined by the audience. The result is a fun, chaotic and completely unpredictable show that will absolutely keep you entertained for the entire 75 minutes.

Prior to the show, the audience is given an opportunity to “create the contestants” via email, social media and while waiting for the theatre doors to open. The actors have no idea what kind of character they’ll be playing until they walk on stage, and the selected “show host” reads their personality to them. From here, the actors start interacting as though they are contestants on a (trashy) dating show and, similar to reality TV, no one can be sure of what direction it will go. You could tell the cast was having fun on stage, coming up with some wild and weird scenarios to keep the audience on their toes.

Much like other reality dating shows, the “contestants” spend time getting to know each other, participating in challenges and going on dates. Some characters are there for the right reasons, while others have some less pure intentions. There are scandals, drama, betrayal, and heartbreak, as well as some ridiculous, saucy, and funny moments.

The show brings together seasoned improvisers from both Singapore and Australia, and it was impressive to see how the performers could think quickly on their feet to come up with witty lines and entertaining plot points for the audience.

Cupid: The Improvised Dating Show

Who: M15+

Where: Studio Underground at State Theatre Centre of WA

When: Only 29th Jan Show remains

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