By Katie Williams

Cast your mind back. It’s 1999. TLC’s ‘no Scrubs’ is on repeat in the background while you chat on the landline to your pal about the launch of MSN, sipping on Sunny D without a care in the world. Life is good.

The conversation changes to tonight’s plans – a group trip to the cinema to see new movie ‘Cruel Intentions’. Its rated MA 15+, so being 12 you are obsessing over the absolute perfect outfit that will fool the cashier into selling you a ticket. PSA – that outfit is ripped hipster jeans, cowboy boots and your friend’s sister’s reading glasses.

It’s fair to say that the Cruel Intentions movie staring Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe became a cult classic almost instantly. Watching it now, it’s honestly the most 90s movie to ever 90s! All that over the top teen drama, a banger of a soundtrack, and the question that surrounds every 90s teen movie – Where are the damn parents?

Take all that and heighten it even more, and you have Cruel Intentions: The Musical – a raunchy, non-stop laughs show filled with some of the most powerhouse vocals I’ve ever seen on stage! The show is cleverly designed with a simple and versatile set, tied together with some excellent and unique projection work.

The choreography, in both musical numbers and scenes, is seamless and a huge stand out of the show. Kirby Burgess is mind-blowing as Katherine – with what I can only describe as superhuman lungs smashing the hell out of every banger of a song. She is joined on stage by Drew Weston as Sebastian, whose charm and charisma in the role radiated through the venue, with certain key scenes making him a definite audience favourite! Special mention must be made of Francine Cain, who’s portrayal of Cecile brought very real tears of uncontrollable laughter to my eyes. Cain’s comedic timing paired with well choreographed physical comedy, made for one of the most hilarious characters I’ve ever watched on stage.
The throwback to end all throwbacks… this is not one to be missed Perth!

You have until 3rd September to catch Cruel Intentions: The Musical at The Regal Theatre, Subiaco.

Do yourself a favour and book your tickets via Ticketek here!