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If you had’ve told me last year that in 2020 I would be moving back to my hometown, living with my parents and spending two whole months inside – I would’ve asked: what bone did I break this time? But alas, no running accident, just a worldwide pandemic.

Losing my job in the events industry and spending majority of March-May in self-isolation managed to remove any sense of structure from my day-to-day life (in the least doomsday sounding way possible). On the flip side, my empty calendar did give me a chance to catch my breath and learn one or two things about my millennial self.


Within the first week of self-isolation, I had bought myself a 104 piece art set, eight canvases and two drawing pads. In the last week of self-isolation, I had used about 12 pieces of said art set, one canvas and half of one drawing pad. Now I don’t look at this as giving up, more so of a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ moment with inanimate objects. For a moment there I loved getting crafty on the daily and creating something tangible, but I really lost my patience when the reality hit that I’m not Leonardo di Vinci’s successor. Crafts taught me: that I have no patience.


I may not be the new di Vinci, but that can’t be said for Gordon Ramsay – sir, I am coming for your brand. The absolute highlight of iso was the amount of extra time I had to finally expand my cooking repertoire beyond smoothies and tofu scramble wraps. I was serving up pulled bbq jackfruit pizzas, spicy cauliflower wings with coconut rice and banana bread on the weekly until I found the perfect recipe. I think I’ve cried the words “this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten” like 18 times since March. Cooking taught me: that I was a world-renowned chef in my past life, and also extremely modest.

Creating the perfect TikTok

Seriously, what a perfect time to be a creative app. Everyone’s bored, everyone’s at home, and everyone’s got a smartphone (congrats, TikTok shareholders). I hopped on the TikTok bandwagon just before self-isolation and just in time to shape my algorithm into one of the funniest compilations of videos I’ve seen since vine. After watching a million and one videos, I feel I cracked the code to making the perfect one… renovate literally anything – you’ll go viral. Or just be a good dancer and cross your fingers. TikTok taught me: I’m not a good dancer.

What did y’all learn about yourselves in iso? Similar to me, or totally different? Fill us in below!