This week saw the grand opening of Perth’s newest wellness precinct, Synkro.


Located on level one of the newly refurbished Karrinyup Shopping Centre, the concept of Synkro has been 4 years in the making to offer a first-of-its-kind multifaceted wellness hub.


With more than just gym classes, the fabric of Synkro is based around nurturing the mind, body and spirit in a holistic way and providing a premium ‘one stop shop’ for your health and wellbeing.


Two women lying on yoga mats in a sound therapy class at Synkro in Perth

When it comes to habit-forming within our brain there’s a famous saying by neuropsychologist, Donald Webb; “Neurons that fire together, wire together” which explains how pathways in our brain are formed and reinforced by repetition and consistency.  


Synkro provides a supportive environment facilitating the formation of these new neural pathways by linking systems, products and services together, helping you to develop new habits and resilient thought patterns for your own personal growth and development.

What exactly does this mean, you might ask?  It means different premium services designed to nourish mind, body and spirit all in the one convenient location.

It all begins with our mind.

Everything starts with our mind, and a healthy mindset is the first step on your wellness journey with Synkro.

Work with a qualified life coach and mindfulness trainer to help create positive thought patterns through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), goal setting and visualisation.


Or experience the power of a session with a Shamanic healer, where you are guided to a place of reconnection with your spiritual intuitive self and learn how to release patterns that are holding you back.

Strengthen your body to work in alignment with your thoughts.

Until you break your habits, your body will continue to work with its subconscious conditioning. The best way to create new habits is through action and new activity.

Enjoy classes from the group fitness timetable including boxing, barre, both mat and reformer pilates and strength building.  Or if solo workouts are more your style – there’s a fully functional gym featuring state-of-the-art brand spanking new equipment with qualified personal trainers available to support your fitness journey.

Man lifting weights in gym at Synkro Perth

Repair and maintain your physical wellness with qualified specialists in areas like chiropractic care, physiotherapy and nutrition all located conveniently within the facility.

After your sessions head to Tonikz, the in-house cafe serving up quality coffee, cold pressed juices, raw food and smoothies.  Unwind with a supercharged smoothie, boosted with Nootropic supplements like medicinal mushrooms, hemp and bee pollen.

Whether it’s holistic health services, personal training or a unique timetable of gym classes, there’s something for every-body at Synkro.

Your spirit needs calm and purpose.

Synkro has a vision to nurture your spirit, helping you identify the person you were born to be.

Drop into a meditation class to train your mind to move into that calm space within, or book a life coaching session to help gain clarity around your ‘why’ and create an action plan towards your goals.


One-on-one sessions are available with practitioners trained in a range of modalities including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and group sessions including meditation and sound healing.  

The Humming Hive is a multi-sensory sound healing experience unique to Synkro. The studio uses vibroacoustic technology in the flooring to deliver low-frequency vibrations through your entire body, taking you on a journey to surrender and find deep relaxation and inner peace.


Two women mediating at Synkro Perth

Surroundings designed to nurture.

The facilities at Synkro are world-class, with exquisite attention to detail, creating an environment that you’ll love spending time in.

Set over a sprawling 1600 square meters, you can tell everything has been expertly and deliberately planned to evoke a sense of opportunity and expansion.


We especially love the individual toilets and change facilities – no communal showers or change rooms here!

Membership options 

There’s a range of membership options to suit your needs – from a premium access-all-areas membership to a casual drop in class.

Synkro currently have founding member offers from just $50 per week.

All membership options and price-points are available on the memberships page on their website and if you’d like a close-up of the amenities on offer, you can book a VIP tour.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a gym class, kickstart your health journey by looking after your mind, body and spirit in synergy at Synkro.

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