4.5 star Fringe Show review

Grammar nerds unite, your queen, Louisa Fitzhardinge is here! If you’ve ever cringed over signs which use apostrophes to mark plurals, then this show is for you. If you don’t love languages, you will gain an appreciation for them during this 55 minute celebration of the weird and wonderful world of words.

Louisa is the unapologetic, self-proclaimed connoisseur of dad jokes. Funnily enough, I didn’t hear a single groan in the audience throughout her set. If you appreciate the quirks and oddities of English, you’ll love Louisa’s segment on the etymology of words in German. Spoiler alert: the word for turkey is absolutely spot on.

Louisa puts her two Arts degrees to good use, entertaining the crowd with her quirky, witty parodies of familiar tunes. It is easy for nerds to overdo the jargon but Louisa manages to temper her urge to do so, delivering songs that are intelligent and understandable by the general public. I especially loved listening to her lamenting her break up with French while playing the xylophone, Gotye style. ABC, give this woman a contract on Play School! Maybe the next generation will then be able to differentiate there, their and they’re.

I recommend getting in early as the doors open earlier than some other Fringe venues. There are two metal pillars which can impede your view, so you’ll want to zero in on the cocktail tables that are smack in the middle of the room. Obstructions aside, I liked the venue. It is small enough to be intimate but big enough to maintain some distance if you choose.

Regardless of where you sit, Louisa’s confidence fills the room. Her presence ensures that you never feel like you’re missing a thing… and you definitely don’t want to.

Comma Sutra is running at Downstairs at the Maj until 10th February. Snag those tickets here!