4 star review

What Fringe World offers Perth that you can’t usually find is late night entertainment. We’re not talking nightclubs or pub bands, we’re talking classy, fun R18+ themed entertainment.

Every weekend across the month of Fringe, the party prince of Perth, Flynn Vincent, brings a collection of the sexiest, cheekiest and most fun Fringe acts together in one place. Is this show for everyone? Yes it is- if you can stay up for the 11.30pm timeslot.

The venue is set for a dance party, and there is no seating near the stage. This is so you can get up close and personal (And I do mean personal), with the acts. Each week the line-up is different as the core team is there, but they add special guests.

The humour is cheeky, the music is banging and the dancing is, well hot. Flynn Vincent is perfection as the MC, bringing his flair to the stage and the way he welcomes the audience into his world helps you feel like you belong.

Be prepared for the unexpected, and be prepared to love it!

Club Freak out!

Who: R18+

Where: Lotterywest De Parel Spiegeltent at Perth Cultural Centre

When: One show remains THIS Saturday 18th February

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Club Freak Out!