4 star review

Clara Cupcakes’ Good Time Corral is a fun, ridiculous and wickedly entertaining affair that will be loved by the late-night Fringe crowd.

Located at “The Parlour”, showgoers step inside a large circus tent and enter Clara Cupcakes’ hootenanny hoedown. Out strides Clara, pretty in pink and fittingly dressed in a very cute cowgirl attire – cow print boots and all.

You could not find a more perfect host for such an event, as Clara exercises her charisma, razor-sharp wit (disguised as silliness) and outrageous show(wo)manship while guiding the audience through each act. She brings an enormous stage presence, her energy lighting up the venue and she skillfully keeps the audience on their toes throughout the 55-minute show.

While described as a variety show, it’s more cabaret and burlesque than it is circus. There’s plenty of comedic value from Clara and her talented partners, and an unexpected gamification – an addition to the show that wasn’t advertised but it was a fun, welcomed surprise that kept the audience engaged and laughing the whole time.

Following our introduction to Clara, the first act was none other than the sensational Kitty Obsidian. They performed a sexy burlesque number delivered with a dash of humour that had the audience rioting for more.

Next, cabaret goddess Jamie Mykaela gave us punk performance that had the crowd in stitches while simultaneously showing off her insane vocal range and musical gift.

The ridiculously beautiful Adam Ext was next to step into the spotlight, mesmerising and entertaining with his burlesque-style performance.

The final act was the insanely talented Veruca Sour, with a wildly funny and captivating burlesque piece that demonstrated her theatrical and elastic facial expressions.

We are then given a series of games with all the performers on stage alongside Clara. You could see that all the performers shared friendships and were having great time on stage, which really added to the experience.

Bringing together burlesque and comedy into one high-energy show, Clara Cupcakes’ Good Time Corral should be on your Fringe list if you’re looking for…well…a good time.

Clara Cupcakes’ Good Time Corral

Who: 18+

Where: The Parlour at Perth Cultural Centre

When: 10th and 11th February 2023

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