What do circus performers get up to after the curtains have closed? Find out in this adults-only cabaret that explores the darker, sexier, and funnier side of circus!


By Paddy Then

Come gather around to watch and lust, as Kinetica’s Circus After Dark’s show brings forth some of Perth’s seriously talented and eye-catchingly hot acrobats, contortionists, and theatre artists at the Rechabite Hall.

Not for the faint of heart or the prude, Circus After Dark is a delight for the out, closeted, and in-between, a voyeur’s mad dream. I attended on the 28th to a completely sold-out show, with bodies shoulder to shoulder on the Rechabite’s ground, first and second levels. With the waiting clutching drinks and catcalling in the buzz of sound and strobe, even before the show began, the atmosphere was humming wildly.

I have to say, Circus After Dark is exactly as it promises – rich, dark, and tantalisingly shocking. From bold garter belts, stockings, and tower high heels, to lit up strapping that glowed in the shadows, Kinetica’s clothing choices screamed look-at-me sexy and costume changes flitted in and out in the span of a blink.

Every single performer was a show of their own. With almost all the artists taking their turn in the air, be it on the silks, net, hoop, or trapeze, every motion was like a seductive curl of the finger to keep your eyes on them. Performers true and true, they uncannily twisted their bodies, lifted and carried each other, and used their incredible core control to look effortlessly powerful, unattainable, and wanton to us.

From Sarah Ritchie’s gorgeously flirty movements in a net, to Joey Donnelly’s controlled fall that had onlookers gasping, each solo and paired act was a delight to watch. Perhaps due to the contrast of air time performances, Anthony Tran’s floorwork drew me in, with his impressive physique becoming a storytelling tool – a fight internal and highlighted by bold lighting.

More highlights were the crowd favourite, Matthew Pope, spotlighted in his gimp mask and runway dress that had the hall barking, while the playful and lascivious host of Circus After Dark, Karl Kayoss finished the event by whipping the audience into a final roar to end the night.

One of the best shows at Fringe Festival, but not for the faint of heart or easily affronted, Circus After Dark is a raunchy romp – perfect to go with a partner for a tease, or solo to enjoy the eye candy feast, no matter your orientation or gender.

With only two more shows left and ticket tiers selling out, you’d be missing out if you don’t grab a spot or three!


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