4.5 star Fringe Show review

Get ready to join the circus!

Or, if that sounds like far too much hard work (like it does for me), then pull up a seat and watch the incredible performance by Carnie Brewed instead. Wander through the red door and be transported to another world, one where acrobatic sheep try to shear their farmers, men in suits juggle pins in ways that can only be described as impossible, acrobats twirl each other through the air, and oh so much more!

The entire show was engaging, authentic, and laugh out loud funny; this one is a definite winner for the whole family. Full of inspiration and originality, one of my favourite things about the show was that as well as several outstanding professional acts, there were also two extremely talented youth acts. It was great to be able to see and support the up-and-coming performers, and the kids in the audience were completely mesmerised by their dazzling display of skills.

The host was a crowd favourite, super witty and smartly dressed. My young daughter was very impressed that he was the “leader” and was involved in the show. Plus, his inclusion of fire and high-stakes performing was a total surprise and an absolute hit.

It doesn’t matter how many circuses you’ve been to, Carnie Brewed is unexpected, fun, and is able to connect with the audience in the best way. Although you can count on the classics like juggling, trapeze and comedy acrobatics, there was so much that I can honestly say I’ve never seen in a circus show before.

If you’re after a beautiful and fun filled family night out, make sure you get tickets to Carnie Brewed before they tumble out of town. Though do be warned, there is a very strong chance that the kids will want their own trapeze (or sheep) after they leave.

Carnie Brewed

Who: PG – Family friendly

Where: Freo Big Top at Circus WA

When: Until 5th February 2023

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Carnie Brewed