The first thing I noticed on my trip to Catalano and Co was the drool worthy scent of garlic bread that welcomed me in the carpark.

The second thing I noticed walking into the bustling restaurant was man, it’s a Thursday night at 6:00pm and this place is absolutely packed – I felt like I just walked into Perth’s best kept secret (thank you to those who recommended it for this year’s foodie bucket list!). I was greeted with smiles from every staff member (seriously these girls were something special) and tucked myself in for an absolute ripper of a night. Now, I knew Catalano and Co were famous for their pasta and cocktails, but I was truly not prepared for what my taste buds were about to experience.

Our waitress, Lauren, was an absolute gem and her passion for hospitality matched the passion in their garlic bread. Seriously, I can’t even with that bread. She started us off with two iconic mojitos, before moving us on to the burnt pineapple pina colada and the ‘cocktail of the week’; the bubble gum pina colada. All tasting as good as they look (they were very attractive cocktails), and all fitting in budget – these bad boys were all around $13!

Our Cocktail Selection

The highlight of the night came in the form of Zucca Gnocci and Domenico Fettucini, two of the best pasta dishes I’ve had in a very long time. You can tell the pasta is made with so much love, and the simplicity of the sauces helped it shine. We treated ourselves to two more cocktails recommended by Lauren, the bubble gum margarita and the coconut margarita before calling it a night.

Our Pasta Dishes

Catalano and Co is a brother and sister lead business who has well and truly made a name for itself in the past three years, and it was such a pleasure to finally learn (and taste) why! I honestly could not fault a thing about C&C, their staff are beautiful, their food and drinks are top notch and the atmosphere is electric. Will I be driving 50 minutes to go back? You bet your best bowl of pasta I am.