My interest in Fringe World’s Camino Man was peaked because I’m a hiker, a long-distance hiker and the Camino (the Way) in Spain is the epitome of long-distance hikes. But I also remember as a kid, sitting through many a laborious holiday slide night. It’s Saturday night and we are about to attend a slide night, a Fringe World Festival event held in Fremantle.

My slight concerns were eased immediately when Camino Man started his epic journey through words and slides. Steve Wilson arrives on stage in his hiking gear, including his boots, backpack and headscarf. We find out how Steve ended up with the headscarf and distinctive Camino scallop shell early in the show and why he decided to go on this journey.

Camino Man (Steve Wilson) presents a one man show which is based on his transformative 800km hike across northern Spain on the Camino del Norte. Caminos are a network of ancient pilgrim trails that criss-cross Europe, the best known being the Camino Francis. Steve, nicked named the ‘Crazy Australian’ on the Camino, shares his vulnerability that led him to heading to Europe to have a Camino experience.

He is a great story teller. Steve performs his tale with passion and draws in his audience along the journey. We follow Steve’s physical and mental ups and downs with him and meet fellow walkers along the way. Camino Man is about self-discovery that comes from the constant daily rhythm of trail life.

Steve’s performance as Camino Man has travelled around Australian and international Fringe Festivals including Edinburgh, UK and France. He also has another show called Don’t Touch Me: A tale of cats and hugs at DADAA Theatre 2-6 Feb.

This show has ended for the season, be be sure to keep an eye out for “Camino man” next Fringe!

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